Svelte Muscle Toning Body Massage Oil

A taut and well-toned body is a sign of good health and ample care for oneself.


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Size :150ml

Description : A taut and well-toned body is a sign of good health and ample care for oneself. However, due to several factors, like health issues or hectic lifestyles, the skin of our body can become saggy and also harbor cellulite underneath. Cellulite is a skin condition, which results in bulged up fat deposits beneath the skin. These fat tissues can also destroy healthy skin tissues. Saggy skin is a result of loose muscles, which need proper toning.

Instead of going for expensive, complicated, and risky methods to control these problems, let the power of nature alleviate it, with no hint of harm to you. Essential oils of powerful spices of Cinnamon, Ginger, and herbal essential oil of Rosemary, work wonders rendering your skin well-toned and healthy. The effective molecules of these oils penetrate deep inside skin tissues. The antioxidants and other significant volatile compounds, detoxify skin by greatly boosting warmth in cells and enhancing blood circulation. These scavenge the free radicals that cause cellulite and the enhanced warmth and circulation end up relaxing and tightening the body muscles. The Vitamin C of Orange Oil helps in boosting Collagen formation, responsible for healthy skin. It imparts a lovely glow to the skin, owing to Jojoba Oil, Orange Essential Oil, and Grape Seed Oil.

With the correct lifestyle, appropriate diet, and regular massage of this oil, make your body look its best.