Revivify Miraculeux Potion

Skin aging is an undeniable factor. However, numerous urban environmental aggressors including dust and pollution stimulate the skin aging process faster than natural.


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Revivify Miraculeux Potion


Size :15ml

Description :  Revivify Miraculeux Potion is a miraculous face oil that can instantly diminish the appearance of fine lines. Infused with rich antioxidants, it works directly at muscular tissue and shows results within five to seven minutes of application. The face oil gets quickly absorbed into the skin tissues and targets the muscular layer of the skin, thereby visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With regular and prolonged usage, a remarkable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles can be observed. It rejuvenates the skin by reorganizing the Collagen network and firms up the cutaneous layer. Golden Seaweed Extract reinforces and strengthens the skin barrier system which prevents moisture loss and makes skin resilient against various factors like UV rays, temperature extremes, and various other external skin stress factors. It enhances Keratinocyte differentiation and helps in resuscitating old skin cells.

An unctuous serum targeting the crucial signs of skin aging: wrinkles and fine lines.