Huda Beauty Nude 18 Color Best Eyeshadow Palette (18 shades in 1 kit) with mirror

The texture of these eye shadows are creamy and they blend so easily
This palette is absolutely stunning â NO SECOND THOUGHTS!


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Huda Beauty Nude 18 Color Best Eyeshadow Palette

Brand : Huda

Size : 19.7g

Detailed Description : This palette has 18 revamped luxurious eye shadow with 4 key textures including 8 buttery mattes that blend seamlessly with your skin, 8 melted metal shadows with a blinding pure foil finish and easy application, 1 jet black wet & dry shadow for a dramatic cat liner or intense smoky eye and 1 pressed pearls shadow to highlight your look. The palette is a transformed version of Huda beauty first masterpiece. It also features redesigned shades with a softer color harmony, and the most insane metal fondant for your lids.